Workshop at J.C. Campbell Folkschool – Feb 5 – 11, 2023


The Painter’s Craft

Develop confidence with oil paint’s special character of luminosity, expressive potential, and longevity. We will cover pigments, oil mediums, varnish, and grounds as we prepare traditional supports: gessoed panel, paper, and linen. We’ll explore paint application, color, and tonal techniques through daily demos in the studio with still-life setups using our freshly prepared panels and traditional gesso on canvas and linen.

DIY-Make your own traditional gesso, panels & learn to use rich oil mediums…


Every few months with 6-8 students, we make up a group of panels using traditional gesso, linen over board, and gessoed board. The traditional gesso can be textured or sanded smooth to suit your needs. The result is a surface that reflects light light and absorbs oil, entirely different from working on acrylic. Working together we can prepare enough panels for the upcoming season in our favorite size, ready to go. Our next materials workshop will go on the calendar when we have a minimum of 4 students. We hope to do another one before fall plein-air painting comes up. Contact me to find out more.


JMK Studio236 Anniversary


We began moving in to Riverview Station in December  of last year, and opened our doors after renovation and much shuffling. Everything went into storage while work was done to create a wonderful working studio. Thanks to everyone, students, friends, and family…New students are welcome anytime, and visitors welcome. Let’s paint 2017 bright!