Back in the Studio


Just back from J.C. Campbell Folk School, in Brasstown, NC.

Turned out to be a mixed media class, with two students using acrylics and one textile collage artist painting her fabric with light sensitive fabric paint and three oil painters. Students went from 4 x 6″ to as large as 3 x 5′ working from photos, drawings and value studies meanwhile learning some new techniques in their medium of choice, new applications and with great results. As soon as we have the photos sorted, we will have them here so you can see the results.

Workshop: J.C. Folk School: June 2012


John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, North Carolina

Oil in Plein Air: The Painter’s Craft
This is a real painting course for intermediate to advanced students serious about crating a good painting in a professional manner. We will make our own supports and grounds, as well as traditional oil-varnish mediums. Painting will be in the studio and on location: anticipate walking and carrying supplies. Pure gum turpentine will be used in the field and with the mixing of mediums.

The Campbell Folk School was founded in 1925 a collaboration of the community and two progressive educators to build an community based on traditions rooted in Southern Appalachia and other cultures of the world. I began as one of the first painting instructors there in 1987 after visiting with my wife, a weaving instructor. We have taught there most years since then. The campus and historic buildings provide wonderful landscape opportunities along with a great residential and supportive environment for developing skills.

To register, or find out more, visit their website.

Workshop: Arrowmont: April 2012


Open Air Landscape, Abazzo

With John Mac Kah  April 15-21, 2012

Abazzo is the layering of colors rich in oil and varnish mediums to create maximum depth and control. Employ methods and recipes of Florentine and Flemish masters as you develop an understanding of how to use oils to their full advantage. The class will prepare its own paint mediums and supports of line, panel and  paper. For the beginner, this is a foundation course; for the experienced painter a springboard to deeper understanding of materials. Painting will take place both in the studio and on-location. Some supplies provided by the instructor for an additional studio fee.

The residential art-craft school, located in Gatlinburg, TN, Arrowmont School marks its 100th anniversary this year as a place of education and inspiration. The early years were about general education in a settlement school setting, but curriculum was soon added in mountain handicrafts to preserve those skills in the region. In 1945, the signature summer workshop program was launched in craft education and the school was opened to everyone who traveled to take classes in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains.

Join me on the historic campus in April of 2012 to learn more about painting using traditional oils and materials.

View their catalog, contact them and register.